Hennepin County, MN tasked us with the voter education and outreach in Southeast Asian communities, a demographic with historically low voter turnout, to participate in an election in unprecedented circumstances.
An unending, tiring, and trying year, 2020 finally came to a close with an election that seemed make or break. We wanted our communities to believe they could make it. 

Southeast Asian communities are often forgotten

by policy and candidates alike, making them unmotivated to vote. And if they do want to vote, voter information is hardly translated in their native language. In a state like Minnesota, where there are growing, dense and thriving Southeast Asian communities, this is negligent.

We wrote and distributed voter education and motivation materials in not only English, but Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese. 

We not only wanted to embolden our communities to vote, but to have faith and hope for the future it could bring.

I created:

  • Branding and art direction 

  • Content design

  • Print and digital design collateral

  • Social media  communications 

Deliverables, in

English, Hmong, Khmer, Lao & Viet:

  • COVID-Safe Voter Guide 

  • How To Vote (By mail, early in person, and in person on elections day)

  • Know Your Voter's Rights


In the midst of dual racial and health pandemics, plus a particularly volatile election season, our community’s stability, safety and basic human rights dangle in the air — and we have no choice but to persist. It’s what our communities are best at, and what we've done for generations, even before the diaspora. As we approach the election and the end of 2020, our message to you is: Keep going. Keep moving, keep fighting, keep thriving. Organize. Vote. Persist.

Keep Going 2020 campaign messaging

English  •  Hmong  •  Khmer  • Lao  • Vietnamese
English  •  Hmong  •  Khmer  • Lao  • Vietnamese
English  •  Hmong  •  Khmer  • Lao  • Vietnamese